Financial Policy

We are committed to providing excellent, affordable dental care and the finest service possible for all of our patients. Good communication concerning dental problems, treatment procedures, and fees is one of our most important goals. So to assist you with your dental care investment, we provide the following payment options:

  • Cash.
  • Personal Checks.
  • Money Orders.
  • Visa.
  • Mastercard.
  • Discover.
  • American Express.
  • CareCredit.
  • Smile Advantage.

Financial arrangements can also be made.

If you have any questions or for specific details, please call our office. The front office staff will be more than happy to assist you in selecting a payment option that fits your needs.


Dental insurance is rapidly playing a greater role in helping people obtain better dental care. We strongly feel that our patients deserve the best possible dental treatment we can provide, so in an effort to maintain the highest quality of care, we would like to share some facts about dental insurance with you:

Fact #1: Dental insurance companies do not intend for their plans to cover all expenses. Their plans serve as an aid toward acquiring better dental care.

Fact #2: Many plans tell their insured that they will be covered “up to 80% or up to 100%.” In spite of what you are told, most dentists find that the majority of plans cover about 40% to 50% of an average fee. Some plans pay more—some pay less. The amount your plan pays is determined by how much you or your employer paid for the plan. The less that is paid for the insurance, the less you will receive.

Fact #3: Many dental services are covered a specific number of times in a calendar year. For example: Recall appointments may be covered only once every six months.

Fact #4: Many dental services, especially esthetic dental procedures such as bleaching and bonding, are not covered by all insurance carriers.

Fact #5: Some insurance companies tell their clients that “fees are above the usual and customary fees” rather than saying “our benefits are too low.” In our office, we DO NOT view our patients as “usual and customary,” but as quality people who expect quality dentistry. Remember, your insurance benefit is limited by what you or your employer pays for the plan, less the profits of the insurance company.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about our office policies. We want you to be comfortable in dealing with these matters and we urge you to consult us if you have any questions regarding our service and/or fees. We will fill out and file insurance forms at NO CHARGE. We will do all we can to assure you of maximum benefits, but bear in mind that the insurance company is responsible to you and you are responsible to us for your account. We cannot render service on the assumption the charges will be paid by the insurance company.

More and more of our patients have dental insurance from different employer or insurance company. Because of all of these factors, many of the policies are different in benefits from one to another. It is your responsibility to know your insurance. If you have any questions regarding your insurance, we ask that you contact your employer or insurance carrier regarding the specifics and details of the plan it is conducting on your behalf.