Patient Amenities

When you come to our office, we your experience to be as fun and relaxing as possible. We offer a number of patient amenities to make your time with our team great:

HD Flat Screen Televisions and Blu-Ray DVD Players

In our office, each patient can enjoy a show or listen to music during dental procedures. Each of our rooms has a flat screen HD TV placed on the ceiling so you can enjoy movies or TV shows with crisp, realistic pictures.

We have Blu-Ray DVD players, so you can choose to watch one of our movies or bring in your own. We also offer Time Warner Cable so you can watch your favorite news program, cooking show, or sporting event. Our wireless headsets will allow you to listen to your music, movie, or TV show while we provide your oral treatment.


Use our Wi-Fi to search the web while you wait for your dental procedure or after you have received treatment. Family members who accompany you for your treatment can stay occupied with emails, social media, or work while they wait for you.


Listen to your favorite music during any dental procedure! We offer 45 commercial-free music channels, so you’re guaranteed to find something you enjoy.


The NuCalm system allows our patients to have a tranquil and relaxing dental experience without the use of sedatives. Patients can wear our NuCalm system during a procedure to feel deeply relaxed. Instead of feeling like you are visiting the dentist, you may feel as though you are at the spa. NuCalm calms the brain naturally with diet supplements, special headphones with neuroacoustic software, and an eye mask. To find out more about NuCalm and how this revolutionary treatment can help you relax, call us today.

Caesy Patient Education

Education is a priority for our team, and we also feel that it can help our patients and their family members to feel at ease about dental procedures. We provide access to the Caesy Patient Education program to help you understand different dental treatments. This program uses live-action videos and 3D animations to describe dental procedures in a way that will make sense. The Caesy programs contains over 250 presentations, so it can help address almost any patient’s needs.


Receive convenient appointment reminders and quarterly newsletters with our SolutionReach patient messaging system. Our newsletters contain helpful information about dental insurance, dental technology, coupons, and events. We also have an online survey in the system and appreciate all feedback we receive. You can sign up by giving us your phone number and/or email address.

We Have Everything You Need for a Comfortable Visit at Cincinnati Dental Excellence

We love creating a comfortable environment for all of our patients. Come experience all of the amenities that Dr. Della Bella’s office has to offer!