Difficult to identify only 1…. everyone including of course the receptionist who made this rush visit possible are absolutely outstanding. I decided I will commute from New York to Cincinnati twice a year to do my dental checks. —Gabriela R.
The receptionist is a wonderful representative of your office with exceptional customer service. Every office needs a one like her. Heather was very kind and informative. Overall, I was surprised at the technology in the office. WOW!! Never seen anything like it. Dr. Della Bella was given high regards and he was all that and then some. —Judy P.
Nicki was outstanding. Pleasant personality and excellent work. Heather who did my impressions was super experienced. I have done those before and hated it. This time it was painless and quick. Dr. Della Bella was his warm and friendly self. I have been seeing him for 13 years and have never (not once)  has a problem with his work. This is the best dental practice in the universe. The high tech enviroment allowed me to understand what work was being done and why certain recommendations were being made. Everything about the operation hums efficiency. Hard to believe I was a dentisit’s office! P.S.  I also loved the soundtrack you were playing in the office and always look forward to the tropical fish! Who would have thought dental work could be so enjoyable. —Trevor S.
When I walk in the door I feel like Norm on Cheers!!! Plus, the hygienist laughed at all of my jokes! It doesn’t get any better than that! —Terrence C.
Impossible to name just one. As always, it was the complete experience. The treatment itself was flawless and I experiencing no pain today. But the ” Customer Experience” was so positive- even in the areas more removed from what a patient “comes for” – for example, the nicely appointed restroom. I have and will continue to recommend you to people struggling with their dentist or new to the area looking for a dentist. —Randall S.
The receptionist is always so helpful, friendly, and upbeat. I always look forward to seeing her when I come in. ANd of course, the Captain of the Team, Dr. Della Bella has my total respect. HE ROCKS!!! —Lindy N.
Heather made it a point to explain and offer a oral cancer screening. The receptionist always greets me and we always take a moment to catch up. It’s like family only better! —Cheryl O.
Tough to single out one when they all are the BEST! Thanks for the great service! —Alex M.
Nicki was so friendly and considerate of my fibromyalgia needs! She is a great addition to the office. —Karen B.
I genuinely love getting my teeth cleaned and interacting with the fabulous staff! They all are great! —Molly L.
It was the interaction of the entire team that completely impressed me, Thank you! —Kevin C.
The assistant helping with the crown. She was very personable, informed, and even printed off recipes for me. —Debbie W.
Everyone was great… Really enjoyed my visit. You guys are the BEST! —Todd N.
Everyone was great as always. You got my husband and I in at the same time for our cleanings. Thank you for taking such good care of us. —Lisa M.
The receptionist is always outstanding. She is the backbone of the customer experience and she fills that role well. —Joan D.
Great experience….Can’t remember everyone’s name but very pleasant experience. —Ron A.
Everyone seems genuinely friendly and helpful! —Doug C.
Both the receptionist and my hygienist were completely concerned with my health, especially since I had a heart attack and quadruple bypass. Enjoyed a lively conversation with the hygienist about politics and health food. Then enjoyed a conversation with the front desk concerning heart health and proper diet. I am completely satisfied. —Mike F.
Jennifer did a nice job! —Liz N.
Truly appreciated the extra effort to contact the oral surgeon to see if there was any new treatment options for my issue. —Kathy F.
The receptionist is always very warm when I arrive. Heather did a great job and very sweet. Dr. Della Bella always makes me feel like he truly cares about my dental needs. —Kristin J.
The Team is great. I love the coffee, music, and magazines. —Ruby B.
Heather and Jennifer are fantastic!! Also, please thank Dr. Della Bella for the excellent pizza recommendation. —Veronica B.
Heather, my hygienist, was wonderful. Front desk very courteous and professional. Dr. Della Bella is outstanding. —Kim M.
The hygienist was new to me and was very professional, engaging, and friendly. She made my experience very positive and I look forward to my next visit into the office. As always, the staff goes out of their way to make every visit positive. —Jeff H.
Everyone was very gracious. What makes your practice unique to us is the comprehensive nature of the practice and the superior quality of care. —Lois C.
The front desk was amazing I needed emergency treatment and she took it upon herself to coordinate my appointment with Dr. Della Bella and the oral surgeon. She was compassionate and showed concern  for me even though she had never met me. At a time when I was vulnerable and feared dentists because of the many problems I had in the past she was reassuring, calm, and extremely professional! —Janet W.
Every member of the staff showed they cared and were helpful. This is the only dentist’s office where one feels so pampered. Keep it up! —Thomas H.
Dr. Della Bella along with all the kind and wonderful people on his staff has assisted in giving me hope for my life. Before coming to Dr. Della Bella I was homeless, in a recovery program and at ends wit with a dental condition that made me feel even worst. Dr. Della Bella treated me as a courtesy to the homeless population. Since my treatments for both my addiction and dental problems I have gained new hope in life, especially with a smile that I no longer fear will frighten people off. I now have over three years sobriety and is currently in transition towards independent living, that is re-entering the work force and becoming a productive, independent, tax paying member of society. Yes, I can talk to people now with the confidence of having a wonderful smile. This allows me to build and develop a network of friends that aid in my continued growth and recovery. For that I am very grateful. Again I thank Dr. Della Bella and all the wonderful people on his staff. —Kevin C.
Everyone went out their way to provide customer service and go beyond expectation. The work done at this office is exceptional. I live out of state and would never go to anyone else. —Eileen L.
Going to the dentist office can be an anxious, nerve-racking experience. It was until I became a patient of Dr. Della Bella and his wonderful, kind, warm-hearted, compassionate, knowledgeable staff. He treats everyone as an individual, all the while making you “family”. He really puts you at ease with his years of expertise, along with a great sense of humor. He has state of the art equipment. His costs are so affordable. My daughter, like me at a young age, used to fear going to the dentist office. Well no more…. she actually looks forward to it. Again, it is all attributed to the fact that Dr. Della Bella and Staff are so kind and treat you like family, with the utmost respect. Last but not least, Dr. Della Bella and Staff realize that your time is valuable too. They assure that you are seated on time or within minutes of your scheduled appointment. When you leave, you have peace of mind knowing that you were throughly taken care of. —Terribeth B.
From the initial phone call until the time I left the office, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The Receptionist, was very reassuring with an upbeat, positive attitude, and found a way to work me into the schedule immediately since this visit was unplanned. Cindi, was so kind and very sympathetic to me and my ugly tooth. She explained things as she did them. Dr. Della Bella was patient and took the time to talk to me, not only about my problem, but also about my mom who was his patient and absolutely adored him. I have had a couple of bridges put in by Dr. Della Bella years ago and his work is exquisite. So, as I begin this journey with my tooth. I know and trust that everything will turn out great! Also, thank you all for handling this problem in such a timely matter…..what a great team!! —Pat W.
The entire experience of a visit to the Dellal Bella practice is great, they make every effort to schedule convenient appointments and squeeze me in when I need it most. The hygienists are patient and professional but also care about the experience. I especially think Kelly does a great job and very thorough. I highly recommend this practice as they go above and beyond to provide quality Dental Care to their patients. —Neal M.
I trust that I’m in the best hands regarding my dental health! The staff is always friendly and helpful (giving samples, helping keep myself distracted, setting up appointments, etc.). I feel confident in referring everyone there, especially those who need options to improve their overall dental appearance. —Jennifer M.
Progressive minded dental practice with a bias toward improvement of techniques through leading edge technology. Mindful of patient comfort. Caring & Competent Staff. Would endorse without reservation. —Mark P.
I look forward to seeing everyone in the office on my visits and would not hesitate going to the dentist now ( I hated it when I was a child). —Lois B.
The fast and very efficient work of Dr. Della Bella. He has the best technology to complete the dental work (i.e. crowns, etc.) in one visitand is able to show you via live pictures on a monitor what the problem is and how he is going to fix it. —Brian K.
Really cool technology and creature comforts– as if creature comforts are possible when you hold your mouth open for long periods, they make it as good as it can be. The whole team always is caring and helpful. It is hard to stand out from the crowd when the crowd is outstanding! —Carter R.
Dr. Della Bella’s Office is friendly, professional, efficient and everyone treats me as if I were family. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for dental care. —Judy M.
Dr. Della Bella and his staff are committed to providing the best and most technologically advanced care possible, while being both personable and professional with their patients. —Kathy B.
Impeccable office, clean, and up to date with the latest technology. Being able to watch my favorite program makes going to the dentist much easier experience, you almost forget where you are. I am always seated for my appointment on time, hardly ever wait, and if I do it is a small wait, I don’t mind because I know that they are providing exceptional service to someone else. Furthermore, the team of hygienists, reception crew, and Dr. Della Bella provide incredibly professional service and I’d recommend them to anyone in need of dental service. —Rebecca H.
I am always so impresssed at how relaxed you make me feel. I think the world of Dr. Della Bella and his staff. You all are PERFECT!! Everyone in the office is caring! I always feel very happy when I am there! —Cheri G.
I am pleased with how gentle they are and I am afraid of pain. I think he is the best! He is caring, funny, listens, and he takes time and never in a rush. I understand what he says and that goes along way! —Lana P.
He is dedicated and professional! —Marsha B.
He is a great dentist along with his sense of humor and the STAFF at Dr. Della Bella’s are great & helpful. They really take good care of you. —Jodi B.
Dr. Della Bella and his staff are courteous, caring, and concerned about me, the patient, as well as my oral hygiene and dental health. He has state of the art equipment and procedures, and are proactive in their patient care–oral cancer screenings, suggesting an occasional guard to protect my teeth from grinding, etc. I have the highest degree of trust in Dr. Della Bella  and his staff, even with procedures that might be a bit scarey to me at first (such as root canals, crowns, and a root canal/ crown on my FRONT TOOTH!!) I have the utmost respect for Dr. Della Bella and his entire staff, and I am always eager to recommend this office to family and friends. Thank you! —Julie S.
Dr. Della Bella has done all my dental work for 22 years or more. I live in Brooksville, Kentucky now, and it takes me one and a half hours to get to the Montgomery office. I will continue to see Dr. Della Bella until I no longer can make the distance. I love his staff who are always kind and friendly. And of course Dr. Della Bella is wonderful! And he is a pretty outrageously talented dentist, too! Twenty-two years, and one and a half hour drive…pretty well says it all. —Carolyn B.
While it took me years to finally get on a regular dental program, I am very pleased with Dr. Della Bella and his team. I am no longer leery about going to the dentist. I always enjoy coming into the office as it is always a good experience. —John W.
High quality friendly service. —Tom F.